Current Lab Members

Principal Investigators
Jim Anderson at Crookston Field day

Jim Anderson, Professor

Prabin Bajgain inspects Kernza Spikes in Breeding Field
Prabin Bajgain, Research Assistant Professor, Kernza
Research Technicians
Emily Conley in office
Emily Conley, Research 3 Technician, Wheat DNA markers
Brett Heim Camping Medora ND
Brett Heim, Research 3 Technician, Kernza and Pennycress
Susan Reynolds in winter greenhouse
Susan Reynolds, Research 6 Technician, Wheat
Nate Stuart and dog Rigss
Nate Stuart, Research 2 Technician, Wheat
Graduate Students
Max Fraser
Max Fraser, PhD candidate, Wheat
Hannah Stoll in Forest
Hannah Stoll, PhD candidate, Kernza
Zenith Tandukar
Zenith Tandukar, PhD candidate, Pennycress